Please note we don’t design specific programs during internship for students from different backgrounds. We involve interns with whatever activity is going on at that time. We take interns only during the 1st and 15th of every month however if a group of 5 interns are coming together then this date can be flexible.

Generally, we prefer only a smaller number (less than five) of interns in Devdungri at a time as the resources available are limited and hence it might be the case that rather than asking you to stay in Devdungri we attach you with some partner organisation or individual working on similar issues and within the same paradigm if possible. You might be attached to the School for Democracy, Soochana evam Rozgar ka Adhikar Abhiyan or any other partner organisation/campaign.

All interns will have to bear the expenses on their travel, food, accommodation etc. during theinternship period, these expenses however, will be nominal given the frugal lifestyle we follow and encourage.

During the course of their internship, all the interns will be living in the office-cum-living space of the MKSS in Devdungri village, Rajasthan and will be working on activities that the MKSS will be involved in at the time. Broadly, there will be work on issues of PDS, pension, health, education, NREGA, etc.

The MKSS has a very basic and simple life style. There are two small huts and an office which we use as living spaces. Since we have many interns coming for short duration, it is very important for the MKSS that the norms of work and community interaction are respected by the interns for the period that they are with us.Interns are also required to come with a readiness to accept equality in lifestyle and chores.The internship fee is Rs. 100 per day, although we are not very rigid with this and the fee can be relaxed for those for whom it’s difficult to pay this.

If you are interested, please write to us with the specific date of your internship  so that we  may confirm your internship slot. Please feel free to call at below no in case of any queries.
You can contact Vineet at 7297832382 for any queries.